University of Tabriz

University of Tabriz, the second oldest university in Iran, was founded as a state-run university in 1947 with two faculties of Literature and Medicine. Over the years, it has grown into a well-developed, high-ranking university at national and regional scales.

The main campus of University of Tabriz is located in the heart of Tabriz, on 29 Bahman Boulevard. Including 21 faculties, 10 research centers, several centers of excellence, technology units, and international campuses, it is currently one of the greatest educational and research centers in Iran. University of Tabriz with its creative and dynamic management, unique scientific and cultural experiences, and experienced faculties is functioning as one of the ten top universities of the country and as one of the leading universities of the region.


University of Tabriz Campuses

Due to increasing demands for higher education in the region, University of Tabriz established two Campuses: Aras International Campus (AIC) in Jolfa free zone and Tabriz Campus (TC) in Tabriz. AIC was founded in 2007 in order to facilitate the enrolment of foreign students. Following the accomplishments of AIC, TC was established in 2013 to facilitate the enrolment of domestic students.

The academic staff of these two Campuses consists of more than 150 professors from among University of Tabriz faculty members.  All in all, with almost 1010 majors in Master's programs and 72 majors in Ph.D. programs, the campuses have about 1010 Master students and more than 70 Ph.D. candidates.

Both Campuses provide high-quality education with reasonable fees compared to other International Campuses in the country. Tuition fees for foreign students are almost the same as those for domestic students.

Last Update At : 13 January 2019